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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The National Retriever Club Board Meeting

Meeting began at 3:00 pm.

Craig Stonesifer opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and then followed with a prayer to remember those we have lost in the retriever community this year.

Craig also made mention of the catalogs having misprints on Handlers names.

The Mayor of the City of Cheraw stood and gave a very gracious welcome to the Retriever Community. The Mayor invited us to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of this fine city and all it has to offer. The Mayor also commented, if any of the those associated with the retriever community had slight brushes with the law that he may have a couple "Get Out of Jail" cards available. The theater chuckled as Mitch Patterson asked if the Mayor could pass the cards out now.

Mitch Patterson gave the Retriever Clubs Role Call and established there was a quorum.

The 2012 of the National Retriever Club minutes were approved, as was the Treasurer's Report.

Charlie Hayes stood and gave recognition to Mitch Patterson whose Chesapeake Bay Retriever "Jesse," a Dual Champion, is being inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame next year.

Tommy Parrish presented last year's 2012 National Winner, Steve Yozamp, with the oil painting of Steve standing next to NFC Pelican Pete, "Pete," commissioned by Chris Chantland.

The Mayor of Cheraw drew from the Avery decoy bag full of the white & black Teal Avery ATBs.
The Mayor drew the starting number of #39 who is Handler Don Remien and FC Fox Haven's Born To Run MH "Dash". The Avery Teal ATBs will be given to all the contestants with their corresponding number. Don Remien was instructed he will be running second after NFC Candlewood's Something Royal "Windy" who will pick up the first Flyer shot and then go into retirement after her 14th National qualification at 12.5 years old.

Joe Broyles will be the new National Board President.

Mitch Patterson will be the Field Trial Chairman and the Co-Chairman will be Mark Medford in Vicksburg, MS for the 2014 National Retriever Championship. The National event dates for 2014 will be Nov. 16-22, 2014.

At this point, Tommy Parrish thanked the Sponsors and handed out the commemorative plaques of recognition to the representatives.

Gifts to were Ginger Cope given in recognition of her years of service for being the Corporate Liaison to our Sponsors. Thank You, Ginger!

Craig Stonesifier gave a heartfelt "Thank You" to the landowners for the use of their land for this National competition.

The announcement of next year's Judges for the 2014 National Retriever Championship in Vicksburg, MS are: Gary Ahlgren, William Goldstein and Alan Madsen.

Tommy Parrish thanked this year's Judges for their sacrifice and hard work.

Marshals for this year are: Jeff Talley, Stevie O'Connell and Lyn Yelton.

Jeff Talley thanked the set-up workers and gave an extra special thank you to Jean Wu who has been sketching the tests descriptions.

The first series of the 2013 NRC will be held just North of the clubhouse at the Cooper Black area. The test will be a Land Double and a Blind. A Rooster Pheasant Flyer, a dead Rooster, and a Duck will be planted on the Blind.

Rules From The Marshal:
1. Every 23 dogs ran will be a gun change.
2. Rotation for the first four tests run will be 39, 62, 85, 16.
3. The first 26 dogs in rotation will be allowed to view the test from the line when first announced.
4. When the running dog is returning with the last bird in the test the Handler in the holding blind will be          asked to take their dog off-lead to begin judgement.
5. First No-Bird Handler will go back five numbers and run sixth.
6. Second No-Bird Handler will go back five and run sixth.
7. Third No-Bird the Handler will run at the end of the rotation.

Test Dog will run at 6:30 am First running dog will run at 7:00 am. Mat instructions will be posted in the holding blinds. Worker's Caravan to the test site will leave at 5:00 am from the parking lot by Wendy's in Cheraw, SC. At 5:30 am the first 26 dogs will begin their caravan to the test site.

Test Dogs for 2013 were introduced and the rules for a split test were discussed.
Male: AFC Tucquan's Ode To Sweetness JH -- "Payton" Handler Samantha Thompson
Female: FC-AFC Carolina's Acoustic Storm -- "Sister" Handler Clint Joyner

Mitch Patterson was given an award for his years of service as well as Craig Stonesifer receiving an award as outgoing President of the NRC, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.


2013 NRC
Running Order

1. FC Peakebrook’s Secret Weapon “Bond”, LM, Al Arthur
2. Dunn Hill’s User Friendly MH “Webster”, LM, Wayne Curtis
3. FC Rock River Benjamin “Ben”, LM, Bill Eckett
4. FC-AFC Ragin Eye Of The Storm “Cane”, LM, Alan Pleasant
5. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Upon The Wings Of An Answered Prayer “Ammo”, LF, Bill Petrovish
6. Henfield’s Zoe “Zoe”, LF, Danny Farmer
7. FC-AFC Texas Troubador “Tubb”, LM, Martha Russell
8. FC Bigwoods Hillbilly Hammer “Hammer”, LM, Don Remien
9. FC-AFC Candlewood’s Skyrocket “Sky”, LF, Chris Ledford
10. FC Hyfly’n Turbo Jet “Turbo”, LM, Ray Voigt
11. Beaverdam’s What You Need “Matty”, LF, Dolores Smith
12. FC-AFC Citori’s No Holds Barred “Free”, LF, Bill Sargenti
13. FC Topbrass Linekin’s Riptide “Rip”, GM, Rick Roberts
14. FC-AFC Ironweeds High Bird Shooter MH MNH “Shooter”, LM, Paul Brown
15. FC-AFC Tweed’s Rough Rider “Teddy”, LM, Dave Smith
16. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me “Mercy”, LF, Paul Sletten
17. FC Dogwoods Fear Factor “Boo”, LM, Tim Milligan
18. NFC Watermark’s Running Back “Emmit”, LM, Jim Gonia
19. FC Trumarc’s Dot Come “Dottie”, LF, Danny Farmer
20. FC Hunting Creek Classy Girl JH “Classy”, LF, Alan Pleasant
21. FC-AFC Un Petit Peu Canaille “Canaille”, LF, F. Lee Jolley
22. FC-AFC Indian Height’s Get Away “George”, LM, Carl Ruffalo
23. FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire “Jerry Lee”, LF, Ray Voigt
24. FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton’s Saber “Saber”, LM, Chris Hatch
25. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns “Pow”, LM, Al Arthur
26. AFC Ruff Rivers Oasis On The Plains “Colby”, LF, Bill Eckett
27. FC-AFC Fresh Squeezed Juice “Juice”, LM, Mark Medford
28. NAFC-FC Dottie Ray’s Ivy League “Ivy”, LF, John Henninger
29. NFC-AFC Seaside’s Pelican Pete “Pete”, LM, Steve Yozamp
30. FC-AFC KPR’s Wet Willie “Willie”, LM, Jim Pickering
31. FC Wing Magic’s Standpipe Moon “Piper”, LF, Mark Edwards
32. FC Vinwood’s Merle Haggard “Merle”, LM, Danny Farmer
33. FC-AFC B Bumble “Stinger”, LM, Ray Voigt
34. FC-AFC Windy City’s Dark Cloud “Stormy”, LM, Charlie Hines
35. FC Shooter’s Super Chief “Buddy”, LM, Alan Pleasant
36. FC Ledyno’s I Wanna Be A Lucky Star JH “Eddie”, LM, Wayne Curtis
37. FC-AFC Rocky Creeks Full Tilt Boogie “Pearl”, LF, John Caire
38. FC-AFC Creekside Maggie J “Maggie”, LF, Chris Ledford
39. FC Fox Haven’s Born To Run MH “Dash”, LM, Don Remien
40. FC Patton’s Black Water Ripper “Rip”, LM, Dave Rorem
41. FC Adams Acres Water Lilly “Lilly”, LF, Bill Sargenti
42. FC Rivertown Augustus McChigger “Gus”, LM, Scott Harp
43. Thunder’s Bootscootin’’ Abe JH “Abe”, LM, Rob Erhardt
44. FC-AFC Candlewoods Life Is A Highway “Freeway”, LM, Paul Sletten
45. FC-AFC Tip From A Gypsy “Marley”, LF, Danny Farmer
46. FC-AFC Henninger’s Slick N Ready “Tru”, LM, Mark Medford
47. FC Peakebrook’s Brawny Force “Dozer”, LM, Al Arthur
48. FC-AFC Kimber VIII “Kimber”, LF, Jerry Patopea
49. FC-AFC Big Alfonse Capone Of Mo-Kan “Al”, LM, Bill Eckett
50. FC Baypoint’s Shades Of Bleu “Magic”, LM, Jim Gonia
51. FC-AFC Robbers’ Stray Bullet “Bullet”, LM, Alan Pleasant
52. FC LKY’s Controlled Chaos “Riot”, LM, Kenny Trott
53. FC Jazztime Empty Wallet “Cash”, LM, Bill Totten
54. FC-AFC Wingover’s Pedro II “Pedro”, LM, Dolores Smith
55. FC-AFC Lubys And Whitewaters Pirate’s Jewel “Jewel”, LF, Ray Voigt
56. NFC-AFC Candlewood’s Something Royal “Windy”, LF, Ken Neil
57. FC-AFC Duckblind’s Real McCoy “Charli”, LF, Dave Opseth
58. FC-AFC Dominator Boots She Worth It “Boots”, LF, Danny Farmer
59. FC-AFC Hoot N Holler “Hoot”, LM, John Henninger
60. Beaverdam’s Blockbuster “Buster”, LM, Rick Roberts
61. FC-AFC Rev Blu Genes “Rev”, LM, Ed Forry
62. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball “Slider”, LM, Lauren Hays
63. FC-AFC Tiger Mtn’s Hokulele “Hoke”, LM, Don Bovers
64. FC Queen Wilhelmina Of The Netherlands “Willa”, LF, Wayne Curtis
65. FC Paddlecreek’s Carbon Grade “Coal”, LM, Ray Voigt
66. FC Ashland’s Annabella “Bella”, LF, Alan Pleasant
67. FC Indi Go Girl “Indy”, LF, Chris Ledford
68. FC-AFC Valtor’s Hayseed Kid “Kid”, LM, Don Remien
69. FC-AFC Third Creek’s Big Stick “Woody”, LM, Paul Knutson
70. FC-AFC Sara’s Blue Streak “Blue”, LM, Bill Goldstein
71. FC-AFC Bob And Ed’s Excellent Adventure “Chef”, LM, Ed Krueger
72. FC-AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise “Holland”, LM, Danny Farmer
73. FC Topbrass No Time To Paws “Flash”, GM, Bill Eckett
74. FC-AFC-CNFC-CNAFC Nightwings Marsh Leader “Guide”, LM, Bill Sargenti
75. FC-AFC Coolwater’s Knockout “Punch”, LM, Alex Washburn
76. Richland’s Power Gem “Onyx”, LF, Mark Edwards
77. FC-CFC Laird’s Cynful Wisdom “Wiley”, LF, Dave Smith
78. FC-AFC Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn “Roxie”, LF, Ray Voigt
79. Magic Tricks Autumn Creek Tazz “Tazz”, LM, Paul Sletten
80. FC Bayou Teche Cassi “Cassi”, LF, Ryan Brasseaux
81. FC-AFC Lake Countrys Cold Cash “Cash”, LM, Alan Pleasant
82. FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider “Ford”, LM, Jim Gonia
83. FC-AFC Watermark’s Shadow Dancer “Dancer”, LF, Charlie Hays
84. Moodys Nitz “Schmidt”, LM, Charlie Moody
85. FC Jazztime Montana Cowboy “Roper”, LM, Danny Farmer
86. FC Road Warriors Dieter Brock “Deets”, LM, Dave Rorem
87. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble “Ali”, LM, Bobby Lane
88. FC-AFC Tru’s Little Cruiser “Cruise”, LM, John Henninger
89. FC-AFC Dominator’s High Spade “Ace”, LM, Mark Medford
90. FC Aksarben’s Black Skyy “Skyy”, LM, Rob Erhardt
91. Utopian Sixteen Hands “Hunter”, LM, Jerry Patopea
92. FC-AFC Texaco’s High Tesse “Star”, LF, Alex Abraham